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Employer Rockwell Automation
Job Title Strategic Account Manager


Represent Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive product and solution portfolio to a Strategic Account customer who has made a substantial business commitment. Responsible for global partnership development with the Strategic Account’s corporate influence points and can articulate Rockwell Automation’s value propositions at an executive customer level. Accountable for regular communications and extended team leadership enabling worldwide geographic Rockwell Automation sales/support offices to increase the scope of our product line & services penetration. Facilitates communications between the Strategic Account and the Rockwell Automation Product Groups/Divisions.


  1. Represent all of Rockwell Automation’s products & services well (capable breadth), and periodically must augment skills with additional competency to support customer-critical products & services (selective depth).
  2. Interact comfortably with the Strategic Account at senior management & executive levels, and convey Rockwell Automation’s products & services in a manner which demonstrate tangible economic value, linked to customer business drivers and key performance indicators, and based upon elements of competitive advantage, strategic positioning, shared goals & risks and profitability impact.
  3. Effectively promote business growth through indirect management of extended teams, affording a balanced selling effort at multiple customer levels of the Strategic Account. Must be able to team with, find compromise, and build consensus with Field Sales Management, during the process of leveraging extended geographic sales team.
  4. Develop a trust-based, mutually beneficial relationship with principal customer sponsors of the Strategic Account. Must mature and formalize Strategic Account relationship expectations and address all Rockwell Automation products & services with a growth strategy for each that maximizes “customer share” across all global regions.
  5. Quickly qualify opportunities in order to efficiently deploy Rockwell Automation resources on high potential activities.
  6. Ensure that the Strategic Account has access to all Rockwell Automation resources by establishing excellent working relationships with the product groups/divisions, geographic sales management, international and senior management.
  7. Participate in the Strategic Account's manufacturing, planning, and implementation teams to provide control/information input at an early stage, and via this participation, recommend strategies/tactics to Rockwell Automation which will benefit the Strategic Account.
  8. Identify new growth opportunities in products and services for the mutual benefit of Rockwell Automation and the Strategic Account.
  9. Provide the annual plan for the Strategic Account in coordination and cooperation with geographic Rockwell Automation sales/support offices worldwide, and communicate this plan within Rockwell Automation and to the Strategic Account, including regular progress throughout the year.
  10. Work with the Strategic Account to expand Rockwell Automation’s presence globally, and to deliver consistently across geographic boundaries.
  11. Must be willing to travel to personally communicate Strategic Account relationship objectives to extended teams, and to engage in strategic Global Account growth opportunities directly with remote resources.
  12. With Strategic Account active participation and approval, must periodically define mutually agreeable opportunities to leverage Strategic Account applications or solutions and communicate/publish these successes as ‘reference stories’ for industry/global selling efforts.
  13. Must model the competencies of an ‘Executive Sales Professional’ to sales colleagues, and be a mentor when appropriate.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Minimum Qualifications:

    • Bachelor degree in engineering or other related technical field.
    • 5+ years of experience selling control / information / solutions products into the automotive process controls industry or related industry.

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Applied experience in one or more areas related to selling control/information products into our Target industries, or supporting same, and/or production/process engineering experience, manufacturing operations experience or similar work, either from within the Rockwell Automation organization or in similar industry
    • Ability to sell at the senior management & executive levels, and convey Rockwell Automation’s products & services in a manner which demonstrate tangible economic value. Global sales experience preferred

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