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Employer Rockwell Automation
Job Title Panel Builder


To assist the team in all aspects of Panel Build to our client specifications.


  • Off-Loading of panel parts from transport using fork truck (with assistance)
  • Unpacking of enclosure equipment
  • Removing enclosure doors and backplates
  • Assembly of plinth and fit to enclosure
  • Fitting of earth straps to panel sections
  • Cutting out door for fan and filter and drill for company and ID labels.
  • Fitting of fan, filter, company and panel ID labels to door
  • From layout drawings mark out and drill backplate
  • Fitting of trunking, Din rail and any other items which need to be attached to backplate
  • Mounting equipment and terminals on backplate
  • Make out wiring sleeves
  • Wiring of equipment on backplate as far as possible
  • Re-fitting of backplate into enclosure (with assistance)
  • Fitting of light and door switch
  • Completion of backplate wiring and supply to light and fan
  • Re-fit door
  • Wire up fan
  • Engrave and fit labels
  • Make out I/O system labels and fit to control system cards
  • Fit side panels
  • Moving panels to test area (with assistance)
  • If required connect panel to EPA
  • Fitting of control system cards
  • Cleaning of panels
  • Making out fabrication record sheet at each stage of construction
  • Complete tests (with assistance) (Insulation resistance, Earthing continuity, point to point)
  • Working with the Panel Shop Supervisor, connect Mains and check voltages
  • Check operation of fan and light
  • Assist with I/O function check
  • Assist in preparing panel for FAT
  • Participate in FAT if required
  • Prepare panel for shipment (Weigh, Package, Strap to Pallet, Label)
  • Load panel onto truck for shipment with Fork Truck (with assistance)
  • SOP Training as required


  1. Must have the ability to work from engineering sketches and drawings.
  2. Strong work ethic - someone who loves to do great work and takes pride in professionalism, responsibility, and proactiveness.
  3. Ability to work within a multi-skilled team, and contribute to overall team objectives.
  4. Must have an organised approach to work, and good communication skills.
  5. Must be computer literate with experience of MS Office.
  6. Experience working within the Pharmaceutical industry.

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