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The Financial Support Services Unit (FSSU) operates under Department of Education and Skills (DES) Circular 002/2018. The FSSU is a compliance and support mechanism for Boards of Management of Primary, Community & Comprehensive and Voluntary Secondary schools which enables them to comply with the provisions of the Education Act 1998 in terms of accountability, transparency and financial responsibility for State funding. The FSSU operates under the aegis of the JMB. The FSSU is the responsibility of the Director of the Financial Support Services Unit. The Director is answerable to the General Secretary of the JMB/AMCSS who is the Executive Officer of the Company and to the Department of Education and Skills. The FSSU is fully funded by the DES through the JMB. Secretariat of Secondary Schools Ltd. The role will be based in Cork. The current list of counties for which this FSSU accountant will have responsibility is as follows: Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford and Kilkenny. Application form and full job description are available to download from Closing date for applications. 5.00 p.m. on Friday 9th August 2019. Please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the Public Appointments Service on The Public Appointments Service has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.

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