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Technical Executive In Human Health & Nutrition (24 Month Contract)






Technical Executive in Human Health & Nutrition (24 Month Contract. Application details/procedure: The Technical Executive in Human Health and Nutrition will primarily assist and support safefood’s Human Health and Nutrition (HHN) Directorate in carrying out the functions of nutrition and health.  Will assist and support the CEO and other Directorates in relation to certain projects and other activities as required from time to time.  Activities will include analysis and assessment of scientific information; participation in project teams for the development of safefood health promotion campaigns; contributing to safefood’s  funded research planning and dissemination of findings through reports and publications drafting, editing and production of reports and publications for both public and professional audiences.  He/she will help develop links with the professional networks and other safefood stakeholders on an all-island basis. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. 1. To contribute to safefood communications and resources (traditional, online and social media. 2. Analyse relevant scientific literature and evidence reports. 3. Support the communication of safefood-funded research findings in publications  including review and interpretation of the findings to ensure both accuracy and accessibility to a range of audiences. 4. Represent safefood in internal and external groups and at relevant meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences. 5. Provide scientific secretariat support for safefood-convened groups. 6. To assist in devising and implementing All-island surveys related to the work of safefood. 7. Assist in implementing policy and strategies in relation to safefood’s Human Health and Nutrition agenda. 8. Contribute to cross directorate projects, team projects and other tasks such as event management as required. 9. Research issues on behalf of the CEO and present findings orally or in report format. 10. Other duties as assigned. This list is not an exhaustive list and you may be required to take on other tasks and duties for the proper and effective performance of your role.  Your role will change as the needs of safefood change and you will be required to adapt to these changes and to develop your role going forward. Closing date: 19/10/2020. Please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the Public Appointments Service on The Public Appointments Service has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.

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