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Engineer Grade Iii (Civil)


Department Of Agriculture, Food And The Marine


Clonakilty, Co. Cork


For full job description and details on how to apply:   The role of the Work Based Learning (WBL) Development Officer will include (but is not be limited to) the following:   1. Support agreed projects and initiatives under the ETBI FET Work Based Learning remit.   2. Develop templates as appropriate to support work-based learning initiatives that impact ETB FET provision.   3. Promote the sector via social media platforms to increase visibility and awareness of FET projects, webinars, and strategies etc.  4. Design and develop materials, resources and infographics to enrich and clarify work created by FET and the work-based learning unit. 5. Suggest and implement approved improvements to the processes and procedures of both FET and WBL. 6. Utilise cross departmental engagement to develop/ create research proposals, projects, and strategies etc to support FET and the sector.  7. Present progress reports to FET meetings and propose areas for interdepartmental collaboration  8. Engage with and support industry, stakeholders, FET and learners in the development of seminars, webinars and conferences.   9. Participate in and coordinate conferences for the sector where applicable e.g., Higher Options.  10. Maintenance and oversight of the contracted training and catering services frameworks. 11. Support ETBI FET WBL strategy group and associated stakeholder subgroups.    Full role description is provided in the information booklet available on website.      Closing date: 25/11/2021   Please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the Public Appointments Service on The Public Appointments Service has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.  .

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